Do you deliver and set up?

Yes, we deliver and can schedule certain units for setup. Many of the Saturday rentals will be delivered on Friday evenings and for this reason, the renter will be responsible for setup. Setup only takes 15-20 minutes from unrolling the unit, inflating, properly staking and securing the unit. All units come with a user’s manual that explains setup. All units will be inflated and checked before and after each use to insure they are working properly. All units will also be cleaned and sanitized. If you require your inflatable to be set up we will try to accommodate your request and will schedule your Saturday rental to be set up sometime Saturday morning before your event.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, you will need to sign a waiver for any unit rented. Please Click Here!

Are your bounce houses safe?

Yes, our bounce houses are cleaned and inspected before and after each use. They are constructed to be as safe as possible. We also require that you use one of our Watchdog Safety Sirens while using our units. The WatchdogSafety Sirens are the newest safety products for inflatables. If the blower stops for any reason or anything touches the blower, our WatchDog Safety Siren will sound an alarm to alert all to exit the bounce house. We provide the Watchdogs for free.

Do you rent units all year round?

Yes, we are available for your party all year round, weather permitting!

What surface is ideal for setting a unit up?

Grass and level, you can set units up on asphalt and/or dirt. We don’t allow the units to be set up on gravel or surfaces that have a lot of rocks or sharp twigs. We also provide a protective tarp that needs to be placed on the ground before setting up the unit. Be mindful when setting up wet units where the water will end up. Normally a flat backyard or front yard is perfect but just take a look at the property adjacent to you.

The ideal surface will also be free of objects and pet waste. Please be aware that you must stake or tether the inflatable down with either sand bags or metal stakes. In the case of staking it down it is your responsibility to make sure you will not hit sprinkler or utility lines.

Do I need to put down a deposit to reserve a unit?

Yes, you will need to place a non-refundable deposit through the checkout/reservation process. Once your unit is delivered to you the full amount will be applied to your card. Deposit amounts are 50% of the rental price.

How do I reserve a bounce house for my next party?

Just call us or fill out the online checkout and reservation pages! You can reach us at (804)433-0211! We look forward to providing a great, clean, and fun bounce house or accessory for your next party!

What do I do if I have to make a last-minute cancellation?

We require a 24 hour cancellation on our units. If renting more than one unit we require a 7 day cancellation notice. If you are unable to cancel your reservation in the required time we will issue you a raincheck that can be used anytime within one year from the original reservation date.

What kind of power is required?

All of our units require a standard 110 household outlet. We will supply the extension cord. The unit should be no more than 100ft from the outlet. Should you need to set up in a park or some place where there is no outlet you will need one dedicated 20amp 110v circuit generator unless we inform you otherwise for larger units. We do not supply these. The generator must be grounded and can not be on any movable surface.

How much room do I need?

When you reserve your inflatable we will gladly let you know the dimensions of that particular inflatable. It should also be listed beside it on the website. It is the renters responsibility to ensure the area is large enough to accommodate the inflatable. No refunds will be given if the area is not big enough for the inflatable unless cancelled 24 hours before the reservation. For safety, the ideal space would have twice the height of the unit open and free of obstruction all around the unit.

Do you provide operators for the units?

We do not currently provide inflatable operators. The renter is responsible to have an operator at all times for safety of the occupants or children whether they are in the bounce house or not. For bounce houses and slides not exceeding 15 ft. one adult operator over the age of 18 is required at all times. For bounce houses and slides exceeding 15ft. two operators are required.